Sineu Graff Takes on the Challenge of the Olympic Games!
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Sineu Graff Takes on the Challenge of the Olympic Games!

“PODIUM” - The Inclusive Urban Furniture Range with Active Design dedicated to the Athletes' Village

With over 50 years of expertise and innovation, Sineu Graff, a specialist in urban furniture, is rising to the challenge of 2024 by creating innovative and inclusive urban arrangements for the world's greatest athletes. This ambitious project aims to provide urban installations that are suitable for all and sustainable for future generations. To bring this vision to life, Sineu Graff has brought together three talented experts to develop the "PODIUM" urban furniture range, symbolizing excellence, inclusivity, and durability.

A Collaborative and Inclusive Approach

To successfully carry out this project, Sineu Graff has set up a renowned multidisciplinary team:

  • Clément Willemin (Agence Wald): Responsible for design and landscape integration.
  • Alexandre Moronnoz: Specialist in design and uses.
  • Philippe Moreau & Ricardo Leone (Tactile Studio): Experts in inclusive and sensory design, particularly for visually impaired individuals.

These experts share a common vision: “Design for all” and accessibility. Together, they are creating a friendly, accessible, and welcoming public space. The PODIUM range also incorporates "active design," allowing everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, to engage in physical activity.

PODIUM: Inclusive and multi-purpose Urban Furniture

The podium, a symbol of sports competition, becomes here a perfect illustration of inclusive furniture. The PODIUM range brings together all sensitivities without distinction, reimagining common urban objects to make them functional, inclusive, and sustainable. There are multiple configurations: for relaxation, physical exercise, and social interactions, all adapted to users, including those with disabilities.

Inclusive innovations include:

  • Varied seating heights: facilitates access for all.
  • Double armrests with rounded corners: comfort and safety.
  • Wheelchair access: inclusive and accessible.

Durable and Adaptive Furniture

The elements of the PODIUM range, such as seats, tables, desks and loungers, are designed to last. Using robust materials like 10 mm thick steel and rot-resistant hardwood, this furniture is designed for high-density sites and multiple uses. Additionally, the range allows for future extensions and adaptations without heavy investments, ensuring continuous integration of new inclusive features.
PODIUM is much more than a simple urban furniture range. It is a revolution in urban design, offering aesthetics, functionality and inclusion. Come discover this innovation at the Athletes' Village in 2024 and imagine the future of public spaces where everyone finds their place.


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Mobilier urbain PODIUM / Design Alexandre Moronnoz / Réalisateur Sineu Graff