The Jumbo® cleanliness system

Le système de propreté Jumbo®

Mechanised collection

The Jumbo® is emptied mechanically. Waste is collected by suction, through the collection hatch, using a vacuum sweeper.

Optimiser les ressources et le travail


  • The Jumbo® multiplies the bin volume by 10, this reducing the number of collection visits required.
  • The Jumbo® can be emptied by a single worker, so the cleaning teams can be assigned to other duties.


  • • When collecting from the Jumbo®, the worker no longer comes into contact with the waste and no longer has to handle heavy loads; thus the working conditions are improved and the tasks have greater value.

Compatible bins

Contemporary bins with flat or tilted lids, Easy bins, Oblong bins, diamond-pattern bins, City bins, … several of our bin design are compatible with the Jumbo® system, so don't wait any longer!

Corbeille 20-0715-B1E0-0000
Corbeille 20-0735-B1C0-0F10-GAL
Corbeille 21-1110-J000-B0J0
Corbeille 20-0510
Corbeille 21-0569-M
Corbeille 20-0590

«The workers would like JUMBO to be the only system, because they don't come into contact with the bags (and therefore the waste) anymore, and so no time is wasted when changing the bags...»

Mr. GARCIA - Marseillan
Managing Director of Technical Services

«Ensuring the cities of tomorrow stay clean in the long term is a genuine issue, and Sineu Graff work with you to rise to the challenge.»

Vincent SCHALLER - Sineu Graff

"For a city to be beautiful, it has to be clean, and for it to be clean, it has to be designed to be clean." »

Mr. LOPE - Toulouse Métropole Cleanliness Manager