Our expertise is demonstrated in particular by our Design and Innovation Department working closely with our clients, designers, architects, partners and, of course, users.

Our real added value is our ability to transform our clients' objectives and expectations into a solution that is optimally technical, functional and attractive in terms of design, function, ergonomics, comfort, maintenance and durability, in accordance with set economic conditions.

The design and style talents are complemented by advanced skills in NICT (New Information and Communication Technologies) and in the Internet of Things, IoT. These skills enable us to work towards new solutions such as i-apps, an advanced urban waste management and operation solution intended to assist our clients in their daily tasks.

We have thus developed a technological platform application called i-apps for the advanced management of urban waste management and the maintenance of urban furniture in general, and in urban ecology, the insect refuge bench, a tool of participative science, and Mouv'roc® the urban sport health station.