Clean city

A major issue for cities right now, cleanliness involves attractiveness, hygiene-health and co-existence while respecting the shared public space. Cleanliness is a constant challenge for cities at a time of urban densification and the boom of soft mobility transforming the more and more numerous users into pedestrians who wish to move around in an urban space that is clean, attractive and peaceful.

More waste to collect, more types to process such as cigarette butts, free newspapers, individual food packaging and the increased amount of canine waste, the need to integrate sorting in collection devices has been wholly integrated by Sineu Graff in its developments and innovations.

Waste management systems

The expertise offered by Sineu Graff, through its knowledge of the problems faced by urban cleanliness professionals and its know-how as designer and manufacturer, allows it to complete its cleanliness furniture offering by high-tech solutions, ranging from the Jumbo® high-capacity cleanliness system to the i-apps management tool advanced technological applications.