Live & Live’roc : PLAY – WORK - RELAX

The LIVE range is an innovative seating concept. Its furniture is infinitely combined to create configurations corresponding to the vocation and uses of the place.

Live - Table et tabouret haut
Live - Table 4 assises V2
Live - Banquette 2 places
Live - Table 2 assises
Live - Table 4 assises V1

Live can be combined with the Roc, a roof with a distinctive shape to create a "Live'roc" island. It protects furniture from rain or sunlight and is the identity element of the concept. As an option, the Roc can be decorated with shutters for more privacy or to create shade.

Live Roc

The Live range, associated (or not) with the Roc, is suitable for a multitude of uses in public spaces, and also in areas of the tertiary sector (companies, schools, universities, shopping centers, brand villages, campsites, etc.). The Live'roc can be a place to work outside or to rest and relax, a place where you can play boardgames thanks to the game boards (chessboard, crab game, etc.) available as an option...

Live - Sans Arche
Live - Mobiliers

The possibilities of using Live'roc are thus endless: it can act as a punctuation of the walk or even become a destination in its own right to create a common place of meeting and conviviality. This socializing approach allows Live'roc to be a real vector where public and private life meet.

Live simulation

Live'roc is suitable for individual or collective use and can even be enhanced with sports equipment on both sides of the wall to create a dynamic island combining a friendly place for relaxation and physical activity.

For the development of Live furniture, Sineu Graff has associated itself with designer Fred Terry (co-manager of the architecture firm Stoa in Marseille). He is no stranger to Sineu Graff because he has already designed the Twist range for Sineu Graff.

Together they discover the multitude of uses that they can satisfy with the furniture in the Live range, thanks to the modularity of the objects.

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