Laser-cutting: a customisation trump card

All Sineu Graff steel tree guards have laser-cut decoration.

Used because it is flexible and easy to combine, steel gives furnishings maximum solidity. The steel used in Sineu Graff furnishings is grade E 24 under the standard NF EN 1000 25. Every stage in the transformation of steel sheets and profiles is done in the Sineu Graff workshops.

Customised motifs

As we fully grasp every step in the industrial process, Sineu Graff can customise the furniture in any way : specific patterns, logos, text… Thus customised cuts can match other types of furnishings: benches, rubbish bins, etc., to add harmony to the surroundings with an identical pattern.

Our Design and Innovation Office designs a project to adapt to the identity of a site, project, history or more, and our locksmithing workshop is equipped with the latest laser-cutting techniques needed to customise motifs on steel parts.

Some examples :

Engraving the name of the world's biggest ports
Hamburg Port, Germany

Engraving the name of the stops leading to
theTempleuve railway station (59)

Engraving the Declaration of the Rights of Man
Bourgoin-Jallieu (38)

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