Sineu Flor: an innovative solution for saving water

The boom of cities is an issue that is social, economic and environmental. To enable communities to continue developing properly, Sineu Graff has developped a patented solution, Sineu Flor, which saves water and associated resources while optimising revegetation soilless.

This solution adapts to most of the Sineu Graff street planting furniture. Sineu Graff helps you throughout the process: the diagnostic, implementation and monitoring.

The principle

1. Reducing water consumption

Sineu Flor includes 
  • a special liner
  • mineral material (the clay balls)
  • an enriched substrate

The clay balls catch water (watering, ambient humidity,condensation etc.), store it and return it when needed, and allow the plant to absorb water through osmosis.

In that way, the plant has two water reserves: that stored in the planter and that stored in the clay ballsl.

2. Reduced consumption of resources

The reduced watering frequency makes it possible to free up some of the human resources devoted to watering. Those resources can be redeployed towards other tasks, thus reducing the overall cost of planting.

E.g.: In Denain, 60 man hours were saved in one planting season with 7 planters using Sineu Flor

3. Reducing greenhouse gases

If watering is carried out manually, the reduced watering frequency limits the frequency at which vehicles are required to pass, and thus the greenhouse gas emissions.

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