Clean city 

A major issue for cities right now, cleanliness involves attractiveness, hygiene-health and co-existence while respecting the shared public space. Cleanliness is a constant challenge for cities at a time of urban densification and the boom of soft mobility transforming the more and more numerous users into pedestrians who wish to move around in an urban space that is clean, attractive and peaceful.

More waste to collect, more types to process such as cigarette butts, free newspapers, individual food packaging and the increased amount of canine waste, the need to integrate sorting in collection devices has been wholly integrated by Sineu Graff in its developments and innovations.


  • Contemporary litter...

    Requested by professionals working in the field of urban cleanliness, the Sineu Graff Contemporary bin is part of an approach that respects heritage, blending the guarantee of controlled operation, a response to current uses and a refined and stylish design, highlighting the appeal and transparency of city developments.

    With all of the options, features and cuts meeting city expectations for the optimisation of collection (ergonomics, speed, ease of use for employees), the service rendered to users (ashtray, snuffer plate, dog waste bag dispenser, visibility banner, etc.) and its attractive integration in the urban environment, this range is an important tool that contributes to the quality of the developments and the success of the city's urban cleanliness policy.

  • Contemporary litter...

    Sineu Graff has developed the Contemporary model bin with a tilted lid to help improve the management of the bin by reinforcing the "clean" look of the bin and its immediate environment by preventing the haphazard disposal of waste on the tilted lid and by encouraging people to dispose of the waste in the bin through the wide side openings.

    The bin thus ensures optimum working conditions for sanitation department workers and makes it easier to remove the inner bin, which has a handle or a bag., Features and options : The features offered ensure that the bin is a unique piece of furniture that meets the operator's expectations, with collection by bin or bag, and a container adapted to the site, in terms of ease of handling.

    The transparency of this bin and the relevance of the optional ashtray, snuffer plate, dog waste bag dispenser and visibility banner, provide users with extended service.

  • Easy litter bins
  • Tulipe litter bins
  • City litter bins
  • Oblong litter bins
  • Wood litter bins
  • Double stream litter bins
  • Bag holders
  • Ashtrays

    The ashtray was designed to respond to the problem of cigarette butts in the public space. Fora attachment to an existing pole, the ash tray is easily identifiable in the public space and thus effectively contributes to the fight against cigarette butts. It is an effective way to communicate with users to ensure the city remains clean.

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