Intimate city

Furniture designed for rest and seating is demanded by users, who make it the symbol of socialising, proper co-existence and attractiveness in the public space, as they hope to enjoy relaxing in an urban environment that is an extension of the home. They make it theirs, as it falls within the boundaries of daily life.

Sineu Graff offers an extensive range of development solutions, with a wide variety of designs, adapted to each usage and development situation, for an attractive city.

Sineu Graff, the developer of vibrant and dynamic public spaces that leave ample room for nature.

Users seek living spaces where they can take time to relax and enjoy recreational activities, exchange and meet with others… friendly spaces with a strong identity, within which they can appropriate space for the time that suits them.

Well aware of such needs, Sineu Graff has created combinable product ranges in order to enhance the attractiveness of public spaces.

And, more than ever before, public spaces must grant their rightful place to nature and biodiversity. The Refuge® bench ideally backs up our customers’ policies in favour of sustainable development.