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NINE : a brand new bench with a pure look

Discover Nine, a new generation bench.
Banc Nine - Mobilier urbain Sineu Graff

In collaboration with the German landscape architect Michael Hennemann, Sineu Graff has designed a new generation bench. The body is made up of 9 slats, 2 slats going down to the ground to create the base. Combined to the seating, the base gives a slender and pure look to the item. The bench is fitted with sliding backrests in transparent thermoplastic, bringing originality and lightness to Nine.  It also encourages people to chat, relax and create conviviality moments with the interactive backrests. 

Nine also adapts to the contraints of the environment: it is mobile, it can be easily removed if the environment hosts a special event, a market, etc., needing empty space. 


The Nine concept

Banc Nine - Mobilier urbain Sineu GraffNine [nain] new, adjective, English origin.

  1. 9  or nine.
  2. For Thai people, 9 is the numeral of happiness.
  3. For Chinese people, 9 is the numeral of long life, resistence and stability. 
  4. Globally, 9 is a very positive sign. 

SYN. brand new, previously unseen, immaculate, original. 


■ Technical specifications - Nine bench

  • Materials : Larch laminated wooden slats and transparent thermoplastic, polymethacrylate backrests.
  • Colours : Seating and base: according to the Nine colour chart. Backrests: please contact us.
  • Fixing : To be buried or on base plates.


Banc en bois Nine - Mobilier urbain Sineu Graff