SECURA: the range of High Security Furniture

To help cities find anti-intrusion furniture, Sineu Graff have developed a range of High Security Furniture called SECURA.

The approach taken in conjunction with our English partner, Marshalls, must:

  • provide the means to effectively keep public spaces secure
  • conduct real performance impact tests of the proposed furnishings in accordance with the standard BSI PAS 68
  • offer a wide range of protective furniture to architects, landscapists and public space designers…

… with the goal of associating protection and safety with the quality of the layouts, in a relaxed atmosphere that is neither alarming nor oppressive.

Our approach :

  • Safety and design are not mutually exclusive
  • Counter-terrorism measures can be transparently integrated in the public space
  • Architects and designers must have the freedom they need to create safe and attractive spaces

Our goal :

  • Visual attractiveness and internal strength
  • Integration of crash-tested technology in attractive street furniture: bollards, planters, benches, bicycle stands

A few examples of High Security furnishings :

Functional security that is active but visually passive to keep our spaces safe and agreeable.

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