Sineu Graff have joined forces with the company Gomouv' to create the Mouv’roc®, a brand-new solution dedicated to physical activity in an urban setting, activity that is universal, intergenerational, and positive. The Mouv’roc® brings users together, participating in making the city friendlier and the regions more dynamic.

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The Mouv'roc®: an innovative solution

The Mouv'roc® is a compact structure that lets several users practise a physical activity simultaneously, at the same place. It was designed as urban furniture, and the restrained lines make it easier to integrate all types of settings.

The Mouv'roc®: a source of well-being and friendship

The objective of the Mouv'roc® is to improve users' well-being and quality of life. It encourages physical activity: it is free to access and is installed near all living areas. It is a source of friendship: it brings users together around the practice of a sport, which is universal and positive.

The Mouv'roc®: universal and intergenerational

The ergonomics of the Mouv'roc® apparatus ensures an optimum working position for each person over 1.40m in height (ages 12 and up). This represents 85% of a city's population. The exercises associated with each apparatus are suitable for both occasional athletes and hardened sporting warriors. It is also accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

The Mouv'roc®: be active, safely

The Mouv'Roc was designed by incorporating the requirements of European standard NF EN 16630 specifying the general safety requirements for the manufacture, installation, inspection and maintenance of fixed free-access, open-air fitness modules. Mouv'Roc apparatus is fixed in place - users work without risk of losing their balance or getting stuck. The apparatus does not add load: the exercises are done with all or part of the body weight.

The different models

Each Mouv'roc® model has a certain number of pieces depending on how big it is. A series of exercises that people can practise freely is displayed on a panel.

There is a QR CODE on each panel giving access to additional exercises. Gomouv' regularly add to this exercise base.


  • 11 users simultaneously
  • 90 exercices


  • 8 users simultaneously
  • 60 exercices


  • 6 users simultaneously
  • 40 exercices


  • 4 users simultaneously
  • 25 exercices

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A Mouv'roc® to suit you

Customise your Mouv’roc® by selecting your paint banner from amongst 180 RAL shades and your decorative panel from amongst our rich selection of tones with material effects and modern colours to create a Mouv’roc® to suit your city.

Specialist in sport in confined areas, Christophe Thellier, founder of Gomouv', designed the Mouv'roc to be an optimised solution for practising a maximum number of exercises with a minimum amount of equipment.

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Did you know?

  • 1 French person in 2 does not practise any physical activity
  • Sedentarity is the 4th leading mortality risk factor in the world
  • 66% of the world's population will be urban by 2050
  • Being physically active for 30 to 45 minutes per day can decrease the consumption of medication by 30%
  • The WHO recommends at least 10,000 steps per day, which is equivalent to jogging 30/35 minutes or 35/40 minutes of more static activities

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